Daily Cruises

In the amazing blue turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea, combined with the unique wildness and green scenery of the Ionian mountainsides!

Romantika Cruises Kefalonia
Romantika Cruises Kefalonia

A fantastic way to spend one of your days on Kefalonia!

Choosing daily cruises is the best way to relax under the sun or the shade and soake up the amazing views of the most stunning coastlines of the Ionian Sea. Take great pictures and make long lasting memories from your trip to Kefalonia!

The Romantika II

Cruise Boat

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The Palikisianos family, one of the few original remaining families of Fiskardo origin, have a long tradition in seafaring dating back to 1935. Captain Christos, the grandfather of Captain Gerasimos (current captain), was carrying passengers and various cargo along the channel between Fiskardo, Ithaca and Lefkas using a small Single mast wooden boat! Hes only aid, Captain Dionisis, his son. Captain Dionisis being a visionary and driven by his love for his homeland “Kefalonia” were he grew up, and of course his love for the sea, took matters into hand and went one step forward…

The Romantika was born…

Captain Dionisis bought the “ROMANTIKA”, an 11-meter traditional greek wooden boat with an engine this time, intending to present the beauties of Kefalonia and the Ionian Sea to the arriving guests! The fast growth of tourism led to a partnership and the acquisition of a newer, better and more advance vessel, the “IFIGENIA” which was conducting daily cruises to Ithaca and Lefkas having as starting point the port of Agia Efimia. The increased demand led to the addition of a bigger even more advance vessel the “IFIGENIA EXPRESS”. During this time Captain Dionisis also had the help of his two sons, Capt. Gerasimos and Capt. Christos, who also inherited the love and the respect that Capt. Dionisis still has for the sea. In 2011 the continuous touristic growth demanded something new, something better… and the “ROMANTIKA II” was launched!

Papanikolis cave

Top Sights

Fiscardo, Kefalonia

Round of Ithaca Island

Gidaki Beach

Vathi, Ithaca

Kioni, Ithaca

Ammoudi Beach

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The “ROMANTIKA II” is a vessel envisioned and designed by Capt. Dionisis and hes two sons, that is comfortable, elegant, safe, ready to serve even the most demanding passengers! She has three restrooms, a comfortable inner space, a very organized bar, big outdoor decks and fresh water showers to accommodate all that choose her to visit the Ionian sea beauties!

With two, modern, 850 horse power each engines and with Capt. Gerasimos behind the wheel she will take you to mesmerizing destinations with glamour and safety!

Romantika Cruises Kefalonia
Romantika Cruises Kefalonia
Fiskardo Kefalonia


Unlike most of Kefalonia, Fiskardo escaped the destructive force of the 1953 earthquake and remains till today perhaps the only evidence of the local architecture. Popular destination to jetsetters it remains unassuming and serene.

Round of Ithaca Island

Round of Ithaca Island

Ithaca is universally held to be the home of Odysseus. The legendary king of “Ithaka” and hero of homers epic poem the Odyssey, travelled for ten eventful years to reach his Ithaca.

Kioni Village

Kioni Village

Kioni is a small coastal village that ascends the amphitheatrical hill. On the left handside of the port entrance, the three well preserved windmills are evidence of the commercial activities of the past.

Vathy Ithaka


There are two museums in Vathi, the Archeological Museum and the Nautical Folklore Museum. The church of Saint Nicolas boasts an icon of Jesus Christos by famous El Greco.

Ammoudi Beach

Ammoudi Beach

A beautiful beach with the white pebbles and the crystal clear waters that can only be reached by boat. Swimming in its turqoise waters is an experience you will never forget.

Gidaki Beach

Gidaki Beach

There are two museums in Vathi, the Archeological Museum and the Nautical Folklore Museum. The church of Saint Nicolas boasts an icon of Jesus Christos by famous El Greco.

Cruise Days

Monday – Tuesday – Thursday – Friday – Sunday

Round of Ithaca Island

Departure from Agia Efimia at 9:30, return at 17:30

40 minute stop at Gidaki Beach for swimming, then a 1 hour stop at Vathi for a walk around town. After that, we visit Kioni for a 1 hour and 30 minute lunch break. Finally one more stop at Ammoudi beach for a 30 minute swim.

Romantika Cruises
Romantika Cruises Kefalonia


It is wise to book at least 1-2 days ahead in the low season (May-June-September-October) and at least 3-4 days ahead in the high season (July and August)

Please be aware that the cruise may be subject to alteration due to adverse weather conditions, technical reasons or by order of the local port authorities, so as to ensure the safety of our passengers. In this instance, passengers have the following options:

Receive a full refund via the payment method with which the booking was made or choose the cruise on a different date, subject to availability.

The Captain may change the schedule of the cruise so that it is a safe of weather conditions. No refunds after boats departure. Children price from 5 to 10 years, up to 5 is free. You need to be at least 15 minutes before the departure time. Rates include V.A.T. and local taxes. In order to secure your booking, a 50% deposit will be required at the time of booking. The balance is to be paid on board. The vessel is in full accordance with maritime law and has all the documents required by the Greek Government. The crew is not responsible for loss of personal items. The crew is available througout the cruise for any sort of assistance.


incl. children 10+


5 - 10 years old



Price above is per ticket per trip.

Children up to 5 years is FREE
Price per ticket per trip


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